Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the new contest platform for 2024?

The 2024 High School Programming Contest will be hosted on CodeChef, a cloud-based platform. CodeChef offers a convenient way to code your programs, run, and submit them. The contest URL will be provided on contest day and will be active only during the contest.

How do I get familiar with the platform?

To familiarize yourself with the platform, explore https://www.codechef.com/practice, which offers a diverse range of practice problems with varying difficulty levels. Create a CodeChef username to run and submit your code on the platform. This hands-on experience will help you get acquainted with the features and functionalities.

What programming languages are allowed during the contest?

For the Spring 2024 contest, you can choose to submit your solutions in C, C++ (v14 and v17), Java, or Python3.

Does every student on the team need to register?

Yes. All students seeking to compete must complete the Qualtrics registration form found in their coach’s email or on the registration page. Coaches must create CodeChef accounts for each team (one account per team of up to three students).

Does every student on the team need a CodeChef account?

No. Only one CodeChef account per team of up to three students.

Can I or my team attend the contest remotely?

No. The contest will take place in the J.B. Hunt Center for Academic Success building on the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville campus. You will be provided with a workstation for accessing the CodeChef contest platform.

What materials or devices can I bring to the contest?

Throughout the contest, participants are NOT allowed to use printed reference materials, electronic storage, the Internet (except for the contest platform), or cell networks.

Will I have internet access for quick reference to syntax and keywords?

No. You will be provided access only to CodeChef’s contest URL. However, you will be provided with and allowed to access reference materials – Javadocs, C/C++ reference, and Python3 docs in your workstation.

Can I use my editor of choice for writing code?

You may use the available text editors for writing code. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are not allowed. However, you are encouraged to directly write up code in the CodeChef provided IDE located in the platform webpage. This IDE provides convenient keyword and auto-complete prompts.

How are the rankings assessed among the teams?

The ACM ICPC Style Ranklist will be used. General Information

Whom should I contact if I have any questions about the platform/contest/rules?

Email Dr. Kevin Jin at dongjin@uark.edu for any questions.