2019 Results

The 2019 High School Programming Contest on Saturday, March 9th was a big success! A total of 41 teams made up of 111 students from 18 schools, competed for 3 hours and results are posted here:

1st place team: She++
School: Little Rock Central High School
Team members: Anne Li, Hetvi Shah, and Zhaoying Li
Coach: Stephany Alhajjaj

2nd place: team[0]
School: Arkansas School for Math, Science and the Arts
Team members: William Shaver, Karsen Beck, Noah Raby
Coach: Nicholas Seward

3rd place team: League of Dapper Gentlepersons
School: Arkansas School for Math, Science and the Arts
Team members: Trinity Robinson, Shaan Hyder, Luke Stouffer
Coach: Nicholas Seward

Most creative solution for a problem: {Hip, Hip]
School: Rogers High School
Team members: Brady Self, Jack Norris
Coach: Jeff Anderson

Newcomer awards: Bentonville West H.S., Hass Hall Academy Bentonville, and El Dorado H.S.

A notable first in our 20+ years of HSPC is the all-female 1st place winner, She++. Congratulations!

Another first at this year’s contest, JBHunt Transportation Services has joined as a sponsor. Thanks them and Acxiom Corp, for the generosity and enthusiasm you have shown for our yearly event.

Of course, there were many folks in the CSCE department who also deserve kudos. The administrative and technical staff, the faculty who donated their time, the ACM student officers and membership, the CSCE alumni contest judges. Your enthusiastic commitment year after year is what makes this event work so smoothly.